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Balancing Authenticity and Modernity

Restoration Service

Restoration services

The focus on preserving the historical and cultural heritage of interior spaces. This can include restoring architectural details, intricate moldings, original flooring.

Furniture Restoration

Skilled artisans within the company can restore antique furniture pieces to their former glory. This might involve repairing structural damage, refinishing surfaces.

Collaboration with Experts

Restoration often requires collaboration with specialists such as artisans, conservationists, and craftsmen who are experts in various materials and techniques.

Sensitive to Authenticity

Restoration experts understand the value of preserving authenticity. They aim to retain as much of the original material and design as possible.

Customized Solutions

Every restoration project is unique. An interior design company offering restoration services tailors solutions to the specific needs of each item or space.

Value Enhancement

Restoration services not only add aesthetic value but also enhance the financial and emotional value of interior spaces and items. Well-restored elements .


They love us.

Thank you Hivespace Architure! The interior work was well designed and finishing work is satisfied with 100 percent. Especially your carpenters were well experienced. My friends and relatives are honored the interior work done by you. And another good Mark is my flat was handed over by you in time.


“This is so surreal, it’s like a dream this is crazy, I keep saying this in every single room. .


The design fits in with the high wooden roof design and linear slatted interior elements and colours.

Murali dharan

Super professional team, talented and very easy to work with. I will recommend working with them 100%


ShabeerGanapathiMurali dharanSujith