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We Believe in Collective Work

About Us

About Hivespace

We are more than just a firm. We are a team of visionary architects and designers who are passionate about reshaping the world through innovative and purposeful architecture.

Our Journey

A journey starts from Bangalore, and we have tremendous experience in this field. We established ourselves with a vision to redefine architectural excellence. Hivespace Architects embarked on a journey characterized by creativity, ingenuity, and an unwavering dedication to our craft.

Our Philosophy

Revolves around the belief that every structure has a story to tell. Guided by this principle, we approach each project as a unique narrative, carefully weaving together the aspirations of our clients, the essence of the surroundings.

Our Approach

The foundation of our approach lies in understanding. We listen intently to our clients, ensuring that their vision remains at the forefront of every decision.

Our Impact

Our legacy is etched in the landscapes we've transformed and the spaces we've brought to life. From breathtaking residences that reflect individuality to innovative commercial spaces that redefine work environments.

Our Future

As we look ahead, we remain committed to our founding principles of excellence, innovation, and sustainability. We embrace emerging technologies, new design paradigms, and evolving societal needs to continue making a positive mark on the future.

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They love us.

Thank you Hivespace Architure! The interior work was well designed and finishing work is satisfied with 100 percent. Especially your carpenters were well experienced. My friends and relatives are honored the interior work done by you. And another good Mark is my flat was handed over by you in time.


“This is so surreal, it’s like a dream this is crazy, I keep saying this in every single room. .


The design fits in with the high wooden roof design and linear slatted interior elements and colours.

Murali dharan

Super professional team, talented and very easy to work with. I will recommend working with them 100%


ShabeerGanapathiMurali dharanSujith